Jon’s Rainwater Harvester

What are you all doing this weekend? Well, I just talked to Jon, that productive bastard. Yep, he and Mimi are building this in their backyard tomorrow, a rainwater harvester for their garden. Walking the walk.

Jon's Rain Water Harvester

Jon's Rain Water Harvester

Jon's Rain Water Harvester Complete

Jon's Rain Water Harvester Complete

Shows: B Hamilton, Shuteye Unison, Silian Rail

Would you like to catch one of our bands perform live, in between filmings of Cribs, European tours, vacations that are secretly rehab visits, breakups with celebrities, cameos on the Simpsons, etc.?
Here are some dates:

More shows to be announced very soon.

B. Hamilton joins the rebels

B Hamilton

G-yeah. Oakland swamp-rockers, B. Hamilton, have been added to the Parks and Records roster to release their new CD, “Everything I own is broken.” We have never seen a white man with so much soul, or a ginger with so much rhythm (all respect to Mr. Baker), but don’t take our word for it. Get a preview from their album on the Parks and Records Radio player below and visit their band page. More details about the release to follow.

Take action, keep CA parks open!

Point ReyesI have just returned from a backpacking trip in the Point Reyes National Seashore. On a hike from Sky Camp to the ocean we passed Coast Camp, a unique and truly quintessential seaside campground that is a victim of the most recent park closures in California. Although still stoically peaceful and lovely, it’s hard to think about this beauty being lost to budget bureaucracy. It occurred to me to investigate what I could do about that once I returned home.

Please join us in taking action against further park closures in California.

Photo by brothergrimm