Number 9.  Number 9.  Number 9.  Number 9.  Identical Homes  “A. Hydrophelia”

Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Identical Homes “A. Hydrophelia”

We like to think the Beatles were the first to anticipate this release. Sure it was the late sixties and we were yet to be born, but they were musical visionaries and knew our ninth release would be something of great promise.

With that said, we are excited to announce the arrival of the new album from Identical Homes, “A. Hydrophelia”. Not often can you some up an album in two words, but this one you can. EAR CANDY.

And it gets better. The 12″ vinyl is a beautiful picture disc and limited to only 100 copies. Likely to sell-out folks. For those of you who do the mp3 thing – it’s on all major platforms.

Many thanks to all the friends and family who pitched-in via KickStarter to help bring this beauty to fruition.



Listen/Buy – A Hydrophelia: 12″ Full Color Vinyl Picture Disc | Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon MP3

One Less Building, One More Park

One Less Building, One More Park

Been meaning to write about this for some time.  About one year to be exact.  A new park!  Ok, we write about parks all the time, but this is less about what it is and more about how it came to be.

Imagination Park in the town of San Anselmo, CA was an old furniture store once owned by George Star Wars Lucas and then handed over to the town to be demolished.  Then came the trees, grass, paths, and a pretty cool fountain with Yoda and Indiana Jones.  I’m sure there was a lot of behind the scenes rhetoric, but why let the details spoil a good thing.

Their was a building and now there’s not.  Period.  I like that.  Although I’m not a big fan of its name ( “Yoda Jones” would have been my choice) I do like to imagine every town tearing down buildings to make way for little parks.

Here’s a link to a jenky site about the park: Imagination Park

Jan Solo