Give a little bit, give a little bit of your $$$ to…

Give a little bit, give a little bit of your $$$ to…

It’s that time again. Time to give thanks and give back.

Thanks – Thank you to our friends, fans, and families for coming to shows, buying stuff, and just being there for Parks and Records over the years.

Give back – This year Parks and Records is giving a percentage of sales to the following awesome organizations:

National Parks Conservation AssociationProtecting our parks

National Park FoundationInspiring generations of national park enthusiasts

Marin County Bicycle Coalitionstriving for 20% of all trips in Marin to be made by bicycling or walking by 2020

This marks the 8th year of Parks and Records and we are just getting warmed up.

See you all in 2015 as we start the year with our 10th release – The Things of Youth, Volume One.

Happy Holidays!

Team Parks and Records

December B. Hamilton cra cra two-fer! Order now!

Order now! 

For the month of December only when you purchase B. Hamilton’s Everything I Own is Broken on limited edition colored 12″ vinyl ($16.00) you get a FREE copy of…

Shuteye Unison’s Our Future Selves on colored 12″ vinyl

or Carcrashlander’s Where to Swim on 12″ Vinyl

or Edaline’s Old City Scenes on 10″ vinyl.


You choose.  Two amazing records for the price of one!  And, as always, shipping is FREE and a percentage of all sales go to non-profit park saving organizations like:


– National Parks Conservation Association – protects and enhances America’s National Park System for present and future generations.

– National Forest Foundation – engages Americans in community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the 193-million-acre National Forest System.

– Golden Gate Parks Conservancy – preserves the Golden Gate National Parks, enhance the park visitor experience, and build a community dedicated to conserving the parks for the future.


Two for one!  Just in time for the holidays!  Order now!


After we receive your order we will contact you to confirm your shipping address and which bonus record you prefer – Our Future Selves or Where to Swim or Old City Scenes?  Order now!


Happy Holidays + Love,

Team Parks and Records


Shoegaze + Blues = Bluegaze. Pre-order the new B. Hamilton CD now!

B Hamilton: Everything I own is Broken CD

Sorry about the exclamation point, but hey, you can order “Everything I Own is Broken” from B. Hamilton on Parks and Records starting today. More good news: when you pre-order this CD, you get a free copy of Shuteye Unison’s “Our Future Selves” CD. 

AND, as always, a percentage of the sale will go to non profit organizations dedicated to protecting our parks and making the planet greener.

Order Now


**This is a pre-order for the CD – ships on 4/20/2012**
Details: CD with eco sleeve, 12 songs total
Release Date:  2012

What do you know? Lead guitar sounds cool again. A lot of people try so hard to play music, a lot of people have a lot of talent, but all the musicianship in the world just don’t stack up to style, and B. Hamilton’s got hell loads of it.


Shoegaze + Blues = Bluegaze. Check it.


For fans of: Swamps, Creedence, snakeskin boots, Jack T Colton, and houses that bounce off planes


Tracks: Me and Margaret Counting Countdowns, Miss Carolina, Gold Tooth, Between the Gutters and the Ballrooms, Outside a Hexagram, Everything I Own is Broken, Turn Out the Lights, Dolltime (For Swans and Bulldozers), Now or Eventually, On Borrowed Time, Oakland and Anaheim (Ain’t Divided by the Five Tonight), Everything I Own (Fixin’ Fucked Up Shit Version)

What do our bands listen to?

Phil Collins, going for it.

Phil Collins, going for it.

I recently asked all the musicians on Parks and Records to send me some listening recommendations.


This is not some snobby, nose-upturned list of bands we think are cool and that you should like.


This is not a list of bands we want to be associated with ( I honestly don’t know half of them…)


This is music that we have been listening to lately for relaxation and inspiration. This is what Silian Rail is listening to from the comforts of their touring station wagon.


Ryan (B. Hamilton)

Macy (B. Hamilton)

Cory (Carcrashlander)

Eric and Robin (Silian Rail – from the road!)

Schuyler (Shuteye Unison)

Jon (Shuteye Unison)

Jake (Shuteye Unison)

Daniel (Shuteye Unison)