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In 2016, Parks and Records made donations to the following organizations:


National Parks Conservation Association


National Park Foundation


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B Hamilton

B Hamilton


Members: Ryan Christopher Parks, Andrew Macy, and usually a dude on drums
Home: Oakland, CA
Favorite park: Big Basin State Park, Joshua Tree
Green advice: Use your brain.  Did your favorite taqueria give you too many paper napkins? Don’t throw them away!  Take ’em home and use them as paper towels (or napkins!  now you got it.)  Were you drinking 40s in the woods with your buddies?  Pack your trash!  Seriously, they’re way lighter to carry on the way out.  Did you buy a new computer printer because it was cheaper than buying an ink cartridge for your old printer?  Well.  That was stupid of you really, but recycle that old fucker, fucker!

Stuff To Buy

2012 – Everything I Own Is Broken: CD | iTunes | Limited Edition Vinyl


B. Hamilton is constantly playing shows, but hard to keep up with. I would recommend
friending them on Facebook to keep up.

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