The Rum Diary: Poisons that Save Lives


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**This is originally a Substandard Records release**

Details: 12″ gold vinyl, silk-screened/die cut covers, all hand assembled.**Includes Poster**
Release Date: 2003

Critically acclaimed, yet out of print? Getting close. A few copies were recently discovered behind Schuyler’s extensive collection of styrofoam take-out boxes. This is the release that the boys are most proud of, from the peak of there game; recorded to tape and pressed on wax, fully analog. Something just feels right about this recording and these songs. Custom screen printing and die-cutting the covers must not have been an easy task, but a task that makes this release a collector’s item. Pure experimental indie pop drone and classic casual noise rock. It’s midnight, and the sunglasses twirl.

“…this is at heart a group playing very strong, impressionist pop music with an emphasis on hypnotic guitar riffs and forlorn melodies”
– Rolling Stone

Tracks: Greasers Win, Say Goodbye to Yourself, It’s Midnight, Sending Us Under, Notorious Young Brothers, Killed by the Cowboy President, Portals of Salt Lake, The No Hunt