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In 2016, Parks and Records made donations to the following organizations:


National Parks Conservation Association


National Park Foundation


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The Rum Diary

The Rum Diary


Members: Schuyler Feekes, Daniel Mckenzie, Jon Fee, Joe Ryckebosch
Home: Cotati, CA
Favorite park: Kotate Park
Green advice: Read the Monkey Wrench Gang and go blow up some dams.

Stuff To Buy

2011 – Retrospective 2000-2007: CD |  iTunes | Amazon mp3
– North v South 4 Way split: Vinyl 7″
2006 – We’re Afraid of Heights Tonight: CD | Vinyl LP
– Back in the Hardcore Days: Vinyl 7″
2004 – split w/ Kilowatthours: CD
2004 –
Split w/ Desert City Soundtrack: Vinyl 7″
 – Poisons that Save Lives: CD | Vinyl LP
2002 –
A Key to Slow Time: CD
2002 –
Mileage: Vinyl 7″
2002 –
Noise Prints: CD

Classic Press

SF Weekly: Rum to the Hills
Metroactive Music: Sonic Melange
Giant Robot: Transmissions
Wikipedia: The Rum Diary

Featured Video

The Rum Diary: Retrospective 2000-2007 from Daniel Mckenzie on Vimeo.