Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a love song for you.

NEW Single “& Associates” by The Things of Youth drops today on all streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, Deezer, and more. Better yet, a percentage of all sales will go to the National Parks Conservation Association and the National Park Foundation.

This song was inspired by Fugazi and a headline that said something about a “Forest Full of Zeros”. I’m pretty sure it was in a finance related publication talking about debt, crypto, or something hedge fund related. The literal imagery was good and it got me playing with a lot of words and lingo found in finance and accounting.  

But, like most of the songs I write, the demo was intentionally naked—just lyrics, melodies in my range, bassline, and another simple beat built on an app on my phone. The Things of Youth is just as much of an experiment as it is a band or solo project. I have so much respect and trust in how my friends think about music and I have always wanted The Things of Youth to harness that relationship. When we head into the studio everyone (including me) is flying blind. I like that. It keeps things fresh and you gain more by letting go. With this crew it usually works and works well, but by design, there’s always a few songs that never make it. Thankfully “& Associates” made it through to the other side.         

“& Associates” was recorded at Panoramic House, Stinson Beach, CA and The Black Lodge, Fairfax, CA. Once again, Daniel Mckenzie and Cory Gray did most of the “twisting of knobs” in the studio. Thank you both for your patience. 

I absolutely love that my beautiful better half sings on the chorus and must get her into the studio more often. I also think Josh Staples is a legend behind the mic and can’t thank him enough for his vocal contributions. Lastly, Adam Cimino (guitar) and Jake Krohn (drums) consistently delivered that feel that makes me smile. 

Cover design by Eduardo Damasceno.

xxoo tToY