We are Parks and Records, an independent record label in California dedicated to protecting our great outdoors and building a community of passionate musicians and fans since 2007.

Newest Release

Identical Homes: Language Lessons

“In the desert, a film canister coated in patina and sand. Crack it open and take out the amber-tinted film reel. Study it in the chalk colored sun. What do you hear, in your mind? Odds are it sounds like, “Language Lessons,” the new ambient album by Daniel McKenzie/Identical Homes. This album is strong medicine for baleful times.”

About us

Parks and Records

The label was started by young lovers Jon and Mimi Fee (aka The Fees or Mijuanito). No strangers to the indie label circuit,  Jon (of The Things of YouthThe Rum Diary and Shuteye Unison) and Mimi were responsible for creating the “translation. music.” compilation series back in 2000. 

Giving Back

A percentage of all sales at Parks and Records go to nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting our parks and outdoor spaces. In 2019, Parks and Records made donations to the following organizations:

Point Reyes

Latest updates

So here we are…

Hey y'all! 17 years later Parks and Records continues to spin. I still have fond memories writing up the business plan as part of an assignment at USF. Go Dons! Never was "moving fast" part of the plan. Nor was it ever about making cabbage. The name of the game was...

NEW ALBUM The Things of Youth

NEW ALBUM The Things of Youth

Volume Two from Jon Fee + friends and family is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, and more. 8 songs for fans of Elliot Smith, Momma, dreamy indie pop, and lo-fi experimental indie rock — or so the critics say. They said all of this too:...

New vinyl “Phaedra Set” by Identical Homes

New vinyl “Phaedra Set” by Identical Homes

Making records is expensive, it takes a long time, and we don't do if often. But, sometimes a piece of music comes along that begs to be pressed onto vinyl. Such is the new album "Phaedra Set" by Identical Homes. It's two sides of continuous instrumental "electronica...

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