Making records is expensive, it takes a long time, and we don’t do if often. But, sometimes a piece of music comes along that begs to be pressed onto vinyl. Such is the new album “Phaedra Set” by Identical Homes. It’s two sides of continuous instrumental “electronica psychedelia”, as our friend Joe calls it. You can put it on, and go about your regular activities: prepare dinner, pet your cat, sit and enjoy a night cap, and get swept up in the calming momentum.

Or, you can just admire the artwork. This is a full-color picture disc with original paintings by renowned marine science illustrator, Amadeo Bachar. Amadeo also grew up in Ferndale, CA and actually shared a fence with Daniel as a youngster.

On the record is 4 songs from the 2020 album Language Lessons, 3 songs from the 2021 album Mt. Vision, and one new song, Phaedra, edited together to form two 20 minutes songs.

You can get a copy here! Or listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and all the rest.