B. Hamilton: Everything I Own is Broken


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Details: 12″ Vinyl Color Vinyl LP, 12 songs total
Release Date: 2012

Everything I Own Is Broken - B. Hamilton

What do you know? Lead guitar sounds cool again. A lot of people try so hard to play music, a lot of people have a lot of talent, but all the musicianship in the world just don’t stack up to style, and B. Hamilton’s got hell loads of it.

Shoegaze + Blues = Bluegaze. Check it.

For fans of: Swamps, Creedence, snakeskin boots, Jack T Colton, and houses that bounce off planes

Tracks: Me and Margaret Counting Countdowns, Miss Carolina, Gold Tooth, Between the Gutters and the Ballrooms, Outside a Hexagram, Everything I Own is Broken, Turn Out the Lights, Dolltime (For Swans and Bulldozers), Now or Eventually, On Borrowed Time, Oakland and Anaheim (Ain’t Divided by the Five Tonight), Everything I Own (Fixin’ Fucked Up Shit Version)

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