Ah yes, the good old days. The boys have gotten back together to assemble a greatest hits of Rum Dairy tracks along with a short documentary as well. There are 17 tracks total, 4 are very rare and 3 are totally unreleased.

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Retrospective 2000 - 2007 - The Rum Diary

“One of my favorite Bay Area bands” 
– East Bay Express

“We may be able to definitively say that the Rum Diary was Cotati’s greatest indie-rock export, adored by a wide swath of the population—from SSU stoners to dive-bar denizens to serious music fans.” 
– Gabe Meline, City Sound Enertia, Bohemian.com 

Take a hearty stock of of rhythm (as in TWO rhythm sections), add a liberal dose of dreampop-postrock guitar (a la Mogwai or Three Mile Pilot), drizzle in a tincture of emocore (of the ethereal harmony variety) and voila! you’ve got the formula for what ails ya. Borrowing the catchy if not exactly applicable title of an early tome from the Good Late Dr. Gonzo for their collective monicker, The Rum Diary were on a quest to make as many friends and blow as many minds as possible, from the wilds of Sonoma County divebars to the crumbling decay(dence) of urban outposts and warehouse lofts they have unselfishly and uncompromisingly brought their message to themasses. And the rest is history: scattering through-out the country, impressing at least one member of Fugazi (has David Gilmour heard this shit?) and setting the bar ever higher with every new release. “Retrospective” captures it all and then some. 17 tracks total.