Exciting news! Seven new Identical Homes tracks are coming your way this summer! On August 7th to be exact. In true click-bait fashion, here are 3 AMAZING facts about this project:

  1. This album is completely instrumental. Why? Recording vocals is torture, and instrumental music is a new challenge.
  2. Many talented musicians are featured! Including old touring buddies Cory Grey, Eric Kuhn, Demetrius Antuna, Mathew Solberg, and usual collaborators Jake Krohn and Jon Fee.
  3. Some things these songs may inspire you to do:
    -slip on leather driving gloves and drive a sports car too fast
    -find an abandon warehouse to dance in/though while stopping in cat pose to breathe heavily
    -run up a large set of steps with a hoodie on, then turn, face the city, and raise your arms in victory

You can hear the first track here:

Look forward to doing one or all of these things along with the full album on August 7th!

Thanks for reading