FAQs answered by Daniel and Jon.

Q: Is the whole “Parks and Records” theme a gimmick?

This is a fair question. In the time of big corporations marketing almost all of their products as “organic ” and “natural,”  it is wise to be skeptical. Basically, we do the best we can. Any chance that we get to re-use packaging, or use recycled or at least recyclable materials, we do.  We find good-doing organizations to donate a percentage of our sales to. In our personal lives, we try and walk the walk and support our local parks. We get outdoors as much as possible for hiking and backpacking, and lately, we are really getting into randonneuring. Did you know that you can arrive at any state park on a bike and get a campsite without a reservation?

Q: Will The Rum Diary ever play again?

According to multiverse theory, we have always been playing, are playing now, and will always be playing.
Watch the documentary.

Q: Did Daniel and Jon really go to kindergarten together?

Indeed we did. In fact, here is a class picture of us sitting side-by-side oddly wearing very similar clothes to ones we wear today. The style has come full circle. Jon is a bit cuter and has cooler shoes, but Daniel’s hair is way more rockin’.

Daniel Mckenzie and Jon Fee at Ferndale Elementary

Daniel Mckenzie and Jon Fee at Ferndale Elementary

Q: Do you have any interns?

Fee Boys
We do, we have three. Charlie doesn’t understand why we don’t just start a Jawbreaker cover band. Parker is busy running site analytics. Ferris is still upset we won’t re-release Theatre of Pain (Motley Crue). But the energy they bring to the label is essential.

Q: If you could be any of Fletch’s aliases, which would you choose?

What a great question. We’ll have to go with Gordon Liddy.

Q: What is your favorite Fugazi album?

Wow, it’s like we are asking ouselves these questions. Personally, Daniel likes “In on the Kill Taker,”  but can’t really say one is his favorite with absolute certainty. There are so many great songs/albums.

 Q: What was the best live show you have ever seen?

A couple honorable mentions are Fugazi at Maritime Hall, and At the Drive In at Bottom of the Hill, but nothing was as jaw-dropping as Rocket From the Crypt at Berkeley Square in 1997. The roof was officially raised that night. Speedo actually breathed fire.

Q: Would you be prepared if gravity suddenly reversed itself?

Yes. The only thing we can’t figure out is how to keep the change in our pockets. Wait, we’ve got it. Nudity.

Chris Knight