Identical Homes: A. Hydrophelia


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Details: Full color 12″ picture disc with vellumn insert

Release Date: 2014

Identical Homes (aka Daniel McKenzie of Shuteye Unison, The Rum Diary) crafts his warm and glowing new album Machine Made Moods from the ethers of time, and time likely spent trout fishing and river walking in the greater wilds of Northern California’s Humboldt County. Envision the dusty sounds of Boards of Canada and catchiness of Pinback mixed with samples from Apocalypse Now, Stephen Hawking and a half working CB radio from a decaying Rum Diary tour van and you’ll have pretty good idea of where Identical Homes is coming from.

Daniel McKenzie’s ears are like the eyes of a hawk.
-Eric Kuhn, Silian Rail, Eric + Erica

Tracks: Old Game, Isolation, Miles and Miles, Hive Mind, Spirit Come Homes, Ghosts of Pioneers, Ever After, Formula, The Shape Of, New Year’s Eve (James and Evander Remix)

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