Phil Collins, going for it.

Phil Collins, going for it.

I recently asked all the musicians on Parks and Records to send me some listening recommendations.


This is not some snobby, nose-upturned list of bands we think are cool and that you should like.


This is not a list of bands we want to be associated with ( I honestly don’t know half of them…)


This is music that we have been listening to lately for relaxation and inspiration. This is what Silian Rail is listening to from the comforts of their touring station wagon.


Ryan (B. Hamilton)

Macy (B. Hamilton)

Cory (Carcrashlander)

Eric and Robin (Silian Rail – from the road!)

Schuyler (Shuteye Unison)

Jon (Shuteye Unison)

Jake (Shuteye Unison)

Daniel (Shuteye Unison)