This is the third installment of posts I am doing with my friends to promote my Kickstarter project. The idea is stolen from Jerry Seinfeld (Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee). Instead, I am riding bikes and drinking with my friends, talking about records. Enjoy, and if feeling supportive, please take a peak at my new record here »

MOBGB E03: Remco Vander Heide

Remco is Dutch, I mean, seriously. The dude is tall, loves fried foods, always has some gouda to share with his guests, has that strange European taste in clothing and actually owns a pair of wooden shoes, but we both grew up in tiny towns supported by the dairy industry, so there are plenty of commonalities. I remember meeting Remco for the first time at a show. He had just flown here from Holland and I greeted him with a six pack of Grolsch. He showed me how the red rubber seal from the bottle can be used as a lock for a guitar strap and he was instantly one of my favorite people. But I think the bond that keeps us close is our love for the outdoors. We camp, we backpack, we hike together, and it’s always more fun when Remco is there.

I have played music with him in Winterbirds and Shuteye Unison. He joined my old band right when we were writing and recording Our Future Selves, and his parts are still some of my favorites moments on any record I have recorded. He dropped a hint over drinks that he may be working on a new project. There are a lot of people waiting for this day.


Ben and Nick’s, Rockridge. Also known as Fat Lana’s House of Pain (I don’t know, ask my brother)


Remco has a silver Bianchi Pista, and he has totally Dutched it out.


Remco chooses the Hefeweizen from Mission Brewery (and instantly discards the orange slice, because that is some “American bullshit,” and I go for a greyhound.

Vinyl Releases

Remco shredded on, helped engineer and helped design packaging for Shuteye Unison’s Our Future Selves.

Favorite Classic Records in his collections

Neil Young Harvest

Favorite Contemporary Record in his collections

Tom Waits Blood Money, Brightblack Morning Light Motion to Rejoin

Most Embarrassing Record in his Collection

Breakfast Club Sountrack on white vinyl (but we all know that this is not embarrassing at all)

Remco on records

Imagine this scene; a little Dutch boy with long straight blonde hair getting into this dad’s record collection and blasting Creedence Clearwater Revival, playing on a self-fashioned cardboard drum set and singing at the top of his lungs, but only being able to approximate the lyrics  because they were in English. Daaaaaaarrre’s a bad mooooon on da rieeesse. “I had no idea what they were singing about, but I LOVED it. I have loved vinyl and wanted to make music ever since.

My favorite quote about records so far was from Remco. “I don’t know, I’m just gonna say the same thing that everyone else says, buying a record gives you something to hold on to, and I just love dropping the needle.”

Big thanks to my good friend Remco Vander Heide! If this post has got you feeling warm and fuzzy about vinyl, please support the newest Parks and Records vinyl release, Identical Homes, Hydrophelia, below: