This is the fifth installment of posts I am doing with my friends to promote my Kickstarter project. The idea is stolen from Jerry Seinfeld (Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee). Instead, I am riding bikes and drinking with my friends, talking about records. Enjoy, and if feeling supportive, please take a peak at my new record here »

MOBGB E05: Lia Rose

This post will be a bit different. No bar, no beer, no bikes. If you know Lia, you will not be surprised when the theme of the evening turned out to be more about Pink Pearl apples, tea and a living room. I vaguely remember being with Lia when she had a staggering TWO cocktails at the bar, and man, it was hilarious. Anyhow, I respect a true lightweight. I consider myself one.

I remember the day I met her, she walked up to me at a show and said “Oh, Hi! You are my new bass player.” Seriously, that is what she said. And no, we hadn’t talked about it before and, well, she was right. We played in Built for the Sea together for several years, played some huge shows, toured Holland, played South by Southwest, and we have also collaborated on other projects, including a song on my new album! She is an enigma, a force of positivity, and is blessed with one of the most beautifully classic voices ever. I have heard her sing the entire Little Mermaid Soundtrack in the tour van, and she NAILED it.

Lia has an extremely hard time committing to a  “favorite album”, so these are a few records that she mentions loving:

Classic albums

Paul Simon Graceland, Billy Joel An Innocent Man, any Motown from the 50s and 60s.

Contemporary Albums

Bon Iver Self Titled, The Shins Oh, Inverted World, and anything by Dave Bazan or Damien Jurado

Guilty Pleasures

Propagandhi, hah, this still cracks me up!

Local Album

Goodnight, Texas A Long Life of Living

Lia on records

Lia brought up one of the most important things about records that I had not yet thought about. In today’s world of digital music, it’s so easy to just skip a song if you aren’t feeling it at that moment. “It adds to this rapidly increasing pace of life that we are all feeling the pressure of, and sometimes, it’s really nice to just slow things down. Listening to a record demands patience, it means you are going to listen to that strange song that you always skip on an iPod.” In a way, it gives the artist a certain amount of respect.

I can’t tell you how many times I have downloaded an album, and repeatedly skipped a certain song because I am unimpressed with the first few seconds. Then, one day when I not paying attention, the song plays through, and the most beautiful moment is uncovered, right in the middle. This actually just happened with a new Mogwai song yesterday. The first 3 minutes were good, but not really enough to bend the ear, and then at minute 3:00, shit gets real. I love that.

Big thanks to my good friend, Lia Rose! If this post has got you feeling warm and fuzzy about vinyl, please support the newest Parks and Records vinyl release, Identical Homes, Hydrophelia, below: