Shuteye Unison: Our Future Selves


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Details: 12″ green vinyl, letter-pressed/die cut covers, assembled by hand. Limited pressing of 300. **Includes CD**

Release Date: 2011

Our Future Selves is an album that book-ends a wide range of influences, from the classic John Hughes movie soundtracks to the organic post- punk grooves found on a Fugazi album. 10 tracks total! The vinyl is a limited pressing. Only 300 made. All are hand numbered and each jacket is unique. The boys of Shuteye Unison poured a lot of sweat into this one. Letter pressed (by Camille!), die cut, stamped, glued, licked, caressed and spanked on the bottom with a custom book mark and library card, and yes it’s pressed on beautiful Joan Wilder emerald green vinyl.

Includes: hand claps, dutch break beats, singing children monks, melodica duels, desert winds, Italian key tickles, and blue hawaiians.

For fans of: John Hughes, Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Double Rainbows, Sonic Youth, Hot Snakes, Mogwai, etc.

Tracks: Be Kimball, Our Future Selves, Better Hallway Vision, Swear Words, Traffic Hymn, War Feathers, Portable Rome, Camouflagers, Century M, PFF070810

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