…since the release our first full-length studio album, Our Future Selves. Since then, kids have been born, cabins have been built, adventures have been had. We have wandered the Bay Area and, by a touch of good fortune, have all ended up living within a few miles of each other. We have resumed our sonic journeys. Sometimes, in true Marin fashion, we end up just sitting in a hot tub and conceptualizing. This is the way of the artist-turned-father.

Our first release will be a two-song E.P. featuring two new songs: Pale Blue Dot and Severe Clear (with plenty more on the way!). You can find this on Friday, March 11th, on all digital platforms.

Incidentally, Jon unearthed a box of amazing photos chronicling his dad’s life, and we have dedicating the art and music to this great man, Charles Lincoln Joseph Fee Jr. May your life, here and on the other side, be full of warm weather and polished brass fittings.